"The good people from MyVoipExpert.com literally saved me from my existing I.T. provider who was threatening to shut down my businesses I.T. services as a negotiation tool to becoming a partner....  

...I am very grateful for the relationship I have now, they not only maintain my office and online services they provide advice and direction that is helping my business grow into even greater opportunities. They saved me from tragedy and made my business better than ever, our future is very bright!"       See Full Letter

- Pat Doyle, OWNER -  Proforma Synergy Canada


"Obviously rich with industry expertise and wide spread technology knowledge they impressed me immediately! It was within minutes we were into the guts of some of our biggest company challenges. – A single discussion of discovery is all it took … they provided unique and agile solutions that solved important issues that other organizations just could not."   See Full Letter

- Phil Heffer, IT Manager at Signature Aluminum Canada


"I have worked with Chris Parkinson now from MyVoipExpert for more than 10 years, he has one of the most balanced portfolios of professionalism, customer service, technical and creative knowledge of anyone I know!  He has proven to be a valuable asset for myself and our business"  See Full Letter

-Steve Cattell, VP Armstrong Funeral Home Limited